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PPM have created a unique way to buy, hold and make a return from physical gold. Our Discounted Gold Offtake allows gold buyers an income on physical gold holdings. Our offtake product offers a fixed monthly return on physical gold holdings.

One choice.
Two opportunities

PPM is proud to offer a unique Discounted Gold Offtake opportunity.

At PPM we are finance and gold experts. We have created an offtake centred around the purchase of physical gold. The Offtake allows you to maximise your purchase by taking advantage of gold price increases. Upside potential is not only attached to your initialpurchase (as with traditional gold purchasing) but also to your monthly return.


Asset 1

Wealth preservation

Asset 2

Self hedging

Asset 3

Capital appreciation potential

Asset 5

Monthly return

Asset 6

Inversely correlated to traditional asset classes

Asset 7

Enhanced returns correlated to the price of gold

Asset 1

Monthly principal purchase repayments

why own gold

Commonly known as a store of wealth, a hedge in times of economic uncertainty and what was at one time the pillar of our monetary system. Gold is generally viewed as one of the most secure and safe assets one can hold. This is demonstrated by its use among financial professionals, banks, governments and institutions as a hedge within their portfolios. Previously unavailable to investors, PPM has brought forward a unique and simple way to take advantage of the what the gold market has to offer.
PPM Gold Trading

Hedge against money printing policies

Limited supply. Increasing demand

Hedge against inflation and deflation

Portfolio diversification & protection

Store of value

Safe haven in times of geopolitical, economical and financial turmoil

gold demand

on the rise

Central Banks globally are stockpiling physical gold as a hedge against economic uncertainty and volatility within traditional asset classes. With many of the worlds top analysts predicting a forthcoming economic correction, Central Banks are on a gold buying spree demonstrated by the fact that they have nearly doubled their holdings within the last 12 months.

A case for investing and holding gold over the coming years has clearly been made and the way to hold that gold has been made more transparent, safer and potentially far more rewarding by PPM’s 2 Year Offtake Agreement

Gold Purchases By Central Banks

Source: World Gold Council
Source: IMF ©Statista 2019
Additional Information Worldwide: IMF June 2019

Gold Reserves Of Largest Gold Holding Countries
Worldwide As Of June 2019 (In Metric Tons)

a simple offtake


Purchase 50,000 USD (or multiples thereof) in the Discounted Gold Offtake for a 24 month fixed term.


Receive your return in Oz. of physical gold.

100,000 USD = 1 Oz. of physical gold per month for the term of the offtake.

Your gold can be delivered to you each month or stored in a secured, insured and independent third party vault.

All gold is certified 99.99% 24KT gold and comes with a certificate of purity (Assay Card).


Your full purchase amount is paid over 24 individual monthly physical gold repayments alongside your return payments.

At a purchase of 100,000 USD and with an example gold price of 1300 USD per Oz. you would receive in total 76.92 Oz. of gold over 24 months. In essence you would be receiving 4.17% of your purchase back each month.

The PPM DMCC 24 Month Discounted Gold Offtake minimum purchase is 50,000 USD. The quoted prices are based on the gold price quoted by the LBMA at the time of producing this document. Gold price numbers are subject to change based on the quoted price at the time of any proposed offtake, however the structure of your offtake does not.

Partner with PPM Holding


and simplicity

At PPM we believe in transparency and simplicity. Gold does not cost the quoted market price to extract from the ground. PPM have an extraction cost of 496 USD per Oz. all inclusive.

This allows us to pay you in physical gold which is valued by the LBMA gold price. This in turn creates an opportunity for you as an offtaker and a cost of capital arbitrage for PPM as a company. In essence, this allows offtakers to receive a potential uplift on their purchase. This methodology also allows PPM a significant cost reduction in comparison to traditional routes of financing.

Our transaction is simple with security measures in place to protect your purchase.


Lowest Cost Gold Mines – 2018

496 USD


Due DILIgence 


We have built our entire business and reputation on trust and transparency. 

In our due diligence centre you can find all the documents you may need to work, partner or offtake with us. If there is anything you cannot find, but would like to see, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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